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Associated Student Body (ASB)

Activities Director: Mr. Rice

[email protected]

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ASB 2023-2024 Election Cabinet
President:                                 Yadira Flores
 Vice President:                            Summer Chavez
      Secretary:                                  Victoria Sanchez
    Treasurer:                                 Danielle Padilla
President: Annabelle Aceituno
Vice President: Michelle De La Cruz
Secretary: Silas DIaz
President: Ethan Solorio
Vice President: Kayleen Perez
Secretary: Samantha Hernandez
Documentarian: Julissa Ulloa
Student Rec: Amanda Gaither
Club Director: Rakib Biswas
Activities Directors: Esmeralda Zambrano & Alex Pulido
Intramural Sports: Favian Valero & Eliud Granados
Pathway Representatives:
  • ACE- Natalie Hernandez
  • PALS- Delaney Flores
  • CHEF- Amber Robles
  • HEALTH- Nicole Bello George

ASB Remind Sign-Up

Parents who wish to sign up for the ASB activities and notices Remind group, please call or text (323) 838-3290 or email [email protected] & add your name to the group.

Please include: parent's name, student's name, and student's grade level, as well as a parent cell # or email address.